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Blogger user.Ths is my blogger acc and there not yr grammar dictionary okay guys.Sy suka type sesuka hati sy.Thnks for read it and i know my blogger not like your awesome blogger.After read follow yeah.Thnks fr visiting guys.Beloved,fy ♥


H A P P Y  A N N Y
Dear my honeystar
Thnks syg caring bout me,love me :) kesian b byk je dh tahan dgn mcm2 perangai by kn,hihi be strong jyeahh. Ayangg ye amat,aha. but sedih je jugak tadapat celebrate aite. Hm tapela,itsokay. Im wait you my dear. wee Rndu rindu awak banyak banyak. houh-,- hm. Salu je teringt time frst2 kita fall in love dulu kn,bhaha seriously it funny;) weheee, Thts my sweet moment and neva ever ever forget it,aww. Lg lg time kita berangkat dulu,sgt funny okay. haha loveu. I miss tht memory we've spend time in kiara's room. Mcm kenangan kita kt situ kn,hihi. Time first anny saya dtg nk bt surprise tok awk dgn kido. And actually awk dh tahu bnd tu sbb awk terbaca msg kido. Ee geramnyaa-,- but still blushing face time saya bg tu. hihi rindunyaaaa:( houh I LOVE YOU more than you love me,and i really really mean it okay. Thnks dear be my half part of life. Thnks colouring my life with all your love ♥♥ 22/02/2010